Florida’s Embarrassing Congresswoman, Tax Reform & More

Today, I am going to discuss several issues.

First, and I don’t usually like to name people, especially people seeking attention. In this case, I am doing so for awareness…most people that keep up with current events probably already know about the Frederica Wilson and what a disgrace she is…first she politicized the way President Trump corresponded with families of service members’ families; and, most recently she made jokes and laughed about her disrespectful behavior…then she called herself a “rock star”.

We all know many rock stars get themselves into trouble with the law, and they often end up having their mugshots posted all over the internet…well, there is nothing respectful about that; however, it is probably somewhat expected, as many of them live their lives like they perform and play their music…I am not validating their behaviors, but honestly, I never thought less of them for it (unless it was abusive, or it somehow caused harm to fans or bystanders, or otherwise). This, to me, seemed part of the lifestyle for many of them, and I didn’t worry so much since they make a living entertaining people…and, seeing them go to jail was somewhat entertaining…in a kind of morbid way, I guess. Anyway, they aren’t leaders and my expectations are quite low to start with…Ms. Wilson, however, is in Congress, and she is expected to be respectful and a leader…I know I am stretching it, because she never has shown any leadership, and she is really a poor excuse for a Representative.

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ESL/TEFL? Where are all the felons hiding?

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Today, I am going to discuss a less popular, but dramatically important issue, which plagues not just the United States, but many other countries…and, this problem is spreading rapidly, and it negatively impacts the lives and safety of countless people, including children.

I am referring to the loopholes in the laws that allow many felons and other criminals to escape justice as they are recruited and employed to teach English in foreign countries around the world. Often referred to a ESL (or English as a Second Language), or TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language), these programs are often advertised as opportunities to see the world, work in a foreign country, and earn good money, all at the same time. Although many of these teaching opportunities are available directly to qualified teachers, most of the positions are filled by agencies.

The reasons for this are a bit diverse, and depend on the destination country needing the English Language teachers. Many of them lack the knowledge on how to recruit good native English teachers, while others simply lack the funding and resources to do the recruiting themselves – so they connect with agencies to help fulfill their need for teachers.

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Hollywood Scandal, California Secession, Cover-ups, Human Trafficking

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First, I want to take a look again at the scandal in Hollywood which seems to be centered on Harvey Weinstein…it just seems to be getting deeper…and, the deeper in gets, the more frantic people are becoming…it is really insulting to see some many people just now coming out with allegations – like they are so brave – yet, the truth is they just kept quiet…they participated, just to further their careers…and, many of them condoned all the abuses, knowing that so many more would become victims…once they “paid their dues”, they didn’t care about who else would get hurt…well, that’s really sad, and it is really criminal…by ignoring what they knew (if they truly knew, even if they were only exposed to it)…and, by allowing it to go on (burying their heads in the sand), they fueled it, and assisted in it…and, they enabled it.

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The Weakest Links in American Culture

Today I am going to talk about what I call the inevitable meltdown…

Let’s start with the meltdown in Hollywood…what a perfect illustration of Hollywood and its culture. Make no mistake about it, we created this culture by enabling it, worshiping it, and dreaming of being part of all the wealth and fame…but, now we can see what it really is…a complete meltdown of what happens when the entire world is built upon fake lives, fake ethic, fabricated news, stories of success that are just cover-ups and more cover-ups of the corruption and godlessness – well, not godlessness, as power and money are their gods – and, all of it was fake and imagined and so well orchestrated by each celebrity…and, their biggest ally has been and is the media for giving them – all of them – the perfect platform to further their imaginary lives of glory and success.

The truth is they are all failures…failures to themselves, and to our culture. They failed to be responsible…they failed to be ethical, and they failed to represent our culture to the rest of the world. Somewhere in our minds, we knew it, but it was all part of the process…the epidemic of their version of the fabricated and warped projection of the American dream – wealth and glory and peace and harmony…it was a lie and we knew it…but, just like any entertaining film, we watched and dreamed and imagined…and now the truth is so far exposed, no one can imagine it like we wanted to…we wanted all our favorite personas to really be givers and great philanthropists, and we wanted the world outside our borders to envy the America dream, and the reality of the American successes through our celebrities and our movies, and through the media.

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China: Misunderstood and often Misrepresented

Today, I will talk about China.

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People’s Republic of China

For centuries China lead the world in arts and sciences. In the 19th and early 20th centuries that changed as the country encountered civil unrest, famines, military defeats, and foreign occupation. After WWII, Mao Zedong rose to power as a communist establishing an autocratic socialist system – this ensured China’s sovereignty, but imposed strict controls over everyday life and ended up costing tens of millions of lives. After 1978, Mao’s successor, Deng Xiaoping and other leaders focused on a more market-oriented economy and by the year 2000 economic output had quadrupled. This resulted in much of the population seeing much improved living standards, along with relaxed governmental controls over personal choice – as a note, even though more freedoms exist, political controls are still very tight today. Since the early 1990s, China has also increased its global outreach and participation in international organizations, showing a slight deviation from its primary stance of isolationism.

That brings us to modern day China. The country is very complex, and due to its ideologies, and isolationist leanings is very much misunderstood throughout the world.

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California’s 43rd District

Today I am going to discuss California’s 43rd congressional district.

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Before I get too far into the discussion, I bet you are wonder why am I picking out this district, and why is it important?

CA - 43rd District
Congressional District 43 – California

There are no short answers to those questions. If you live in the United States, then you probably already know something about the district…and, most likely you’ve heard it through the media…as I have mentioned in previous discussions, the media has evolved into less of a news reporting platform, and into more of a platform of persuasion and storytelling. In short, most of what you get from the media is “targeted excerpts, partial truths, and in most cases, completely fabricated story-lines” – all of which are designed to emotional attract viewers through their personal passions, beliefs and their overall desire to have their own voices heard.

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North Korea: Relevance and Consideration

I want to talk about North Korea.

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North Korea is marked in red

You might wonder why is North Korea important? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, North Korea has resurfaced in the media lately due the provocative actions of its dictator…the missile tests, and the unchecked nuclear weapons programs, and the threats of violence…all of this is important…but, because of the size and location of the country, and the lack of real credibility from its government, it is easy to dismiss them as a real threat for some people…while others are panicked and preparing for the worst.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there and there are a lot of unsubstantiated stories floating around. You might have some ideas yourself – some of your ideas might be influenced by what you see or hear in the media…I want to be clear about a few things…some of the information offered by the media might have some merit, while a lot of it is just guesswork, and much of it is just not true.

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